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The BREATHE Workshop was created by the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Zoom Recording   Password to see Workshop Recording: SCV!7n8= 

BREATHE PowerPoint


Montgomery Bus Boycott PowerPoint


GPB Resources:

Here’s a link to GPB Education’s Courageous Conversations for the Classroom series agenda, which contains all of the resources that GPB is exploring over the five weeks (every Thursday afternoon through the end of July).

GPB’s virtual learning journey on Slavery & Freedom, set in antebellum Savannah, is very powerful and addresses many of the issues discussed:

K-12 Literary Resources

Children’s Picture Books to Prompt Discussion about Contemporary Political Issues (By Genevieve Caffrey)

Other Resources

YouTube Video on Silent Discussions


Planning Committee:

Casey Bethel, 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year
Nicole Moore, National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Irene Munn, The Munn Firm
Dr. Randell E. Trammell, Georgia Center for Civic Engagement