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Georgia Center for
Civic Engagement
William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum
William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum
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The Breman is a teaching museum committed to serving a broad spectrum of teachers, students, their families and lifelong learners in Georgia and the Southeast. More than 20,000 visitors a year have the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust as well as Jewish history from The Breman’s exhibitions, survivor speakers, and archives. They are challenged to consider the relevance and implications of the Holocaust today.

The Education Departmentof The Breman, including the Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education, provides age-appropriate tours, speakers, lesson plans, books, films, courses, a speaker series, online exhibitions, and other resources that are intended to support and enlighten visitors from diverse settings including public, private, and parochial schools. These educational resources may be integrated into mandated areas of study in almost all academic disciplines. They meet Georgia Performance Standards in a variety of curricular areas, including:

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Character Education

Language Arts

Georgia History

United States History

World History


Educational programs at The Breman are designed to teach the importance of personal responsibility, respect for diversity, and the preservation of democracy and human rights. The Breman promotes appropriate ways to act to when faced with prejudice and injustice. These lessons derive their power from authentic artifacts, photographs, video testimonies, and personal histories, all of which serve as the foundation of the museum.

Visiting The Breman inspires reflection on the human capacity to destroy or repair the world and how responsible action is critical in creating a better future.