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The Georgia Youth Leadership Series originally began as a program called Washington Seminar. 


That trip would annually take some of our outstanding program participants to Washington, D.C.  While there students would see typical tourist sites, hear from informative speakers, and get some access and experiences not readily available to tradiational tourists.


In 2017, we added Philadelphia to the Washington Seminar program.  As a result of adding Philadelphia, we renamed the program the Georgia Youth Leadership Summit.


Because we value the time commitments of our students, we are emarking on a 2020 plan for this program for the years to come.


The programs formerly known as Washington Seminar and Georgia Youth Leadership Summit will now be called....the Georgia Youth Leadership Series!


This exciting program will take place each year, covering one of four exciting trips.  These trips may fall at different times on a calendar depending on the program offerings.


Examples of a four year rotation might include (parts of each item listed below):

  • Presidential Inauguration Trip
  • Washington, D.C. Trip
  • Presidential Libraries Tour
  • Democratic and Republican National Convention Trips
  • Philadelphia Trip
  • Boston Trip
  • New York City Trip


Please come join us on one of these exciting and educational programs!  For more information on the current year offering, or for additional questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..