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The Civic Youth Day is the element of our Youth in Government programming that teaches students the function of local (county and municipal) government. 

The objectives of the program is for students to:

  • learn the importance of voter registration
  • learn the campaign process
  • learn the election process
  • become acquainted with the daily activities of local government

In this program, high school students are elected (or appointed) to shadow an adult official on the day that is observed as Civic Youth Day.   The objectives for adults are to:

  • communicate their job responsibilities
  • describe an average day
  • explain any extra duties (night meetings, emergencies, parades, etc.)
  • outline the chain of command
  • indicate the term of office and the method of obtaining the position (elected or appointed)
  • give a tour of the facility
  • involve the student in daily activities if possible

The oldest Civic Youth Day program in Georgia is in Bartow County.  This program is a jointly sponsored by the State YMCA and the Cartersville Optimist Club and is supported by the Bartow County, City of Adairsville, and City of Cartersville Governments.  In 2011, the Bartow County Civic Youth Day program celebrated its 55th anniversary.

Civic Youth Day's program does carry a cost for the local government.  There is a fee for the program, and the government(city or county) typically sponsors a catered lunch.  More detailed information regarding CYD can be obtained by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to start a Civic Youth Day in your county, please call the State YMCA offices at 770-455-9622, or toll-free at, 1-866-423-2582.