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Georgia is a diverse state in its people, regions, geography, and offerings.  The Georgia Studies trip is an opportunity for the students to explore parts of their state that they may not usually have the opportunity to see. The trip changes slightly from year to year, and from group to group depending on their specific goals, but past trips have included the following elements:

  • Savannah: Students can explore Fort Pulaski and Fort Jackson, tour the Savannah History Museum, and learn about this iconic city’s role in the country’s history from the colonial era through the Civil War to today.
  • Barrier Islands: Whether groups visit Jekyll, St. Simon's, Cumberland, Tybee, or any of Georgia's barrier islands, they have an opportunity to explore the ecology and unique features that these locations offer.
  • Andersonville: Home to one of the most infamous prisoner-of-war camps in our nation’s history, this Civil War-era site has options for students to tour the prison grounds and a POW museum.
  • Plains: This rural agricultural town is the hometown of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Students can explore the small family farm Carter grew up on, the primary school he attended, this Historic Downtown, and much more.
  • Dahlonega: The city where gold was discovered accidentally in 1828, Georgia Studies students can visit historic gold mines and museums, and even try their hand at panning for gold to learn about the first major gold rush in America.
  • Warm Springs & The Little White House: Students can visit the spa town and home of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, where he sought therapies and rest for his polio affliction.
  • Okefenokee Swamp: A wildlife refuge straddling the state line between Georgia and Florida, this 684 square mile wetland and swamp offers students the opportunity to take an environmental tour and learn about the unique aspects of this biome.
  • Columbus: Whether visiting the Infantry Museum or the Civil War Naval Museum, students have the opportunity to explore some of the major battles in US military history, and walked through several of the specific war exhibits.