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Civic Engagement / Youth in Government Club
The central idea behind the Youth in Government Club is to provide students with an opportunity explore participatory citizenship and a forum to practice civic engagement. The underlying educational principle is founded on John Dewey’s philosophy of ‘learning by doing.’

An ideal Club would:
• Have a leadership team (or officers)
• Meet monthly (meetings can include invited guest speakers such as local officials or community leaders)
• Plan and implement a community service project at least once a semester
• Plan and implement an annual voter registration drive
• Participate in local and district meetings
• Participate in Youth Assembly (model legislature) and Georgia United Nations Assembly (model UN) sponsored by the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement (GCCE)

The ideal Advisor is:
• Someone who is passionate about working with students in developing their sense of leadership skills
• Someone who will guide the students ensuring success, but allowing the students to take ownership of the Club
• Someone who will encourage civic discourse with a variety of political views
• Someone who will support the students and accompany them to district, state, and national events
• Someone who will communicate with GCCE staff on a regular basis

Club Requirements:
• Pay an annual affiliation fee to the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement. Currently $250 per school. The affiliation fee covers all students in the school population
• Have an Advisor who is at least 21 years of age and is approved by school administration

If you are interested in starting a Club at your middle or high school, email Dr. Randell E. Trammell, our CEO, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for more information.  There may also be a stipend available to you as an Advisor when certain requirements are met.