1929 Club

The 1929 Club is a program that allows Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, and Coed "Y" Club Alumni and friends of the State YMCA of Georgia to support programs that establish leadership skills, character development, and moral and civic responsibility in Georgia teens.

The State YMCA of Georgia was founded in 1919 and was later chartered in 1929. As a tribute to the State YMCA's rich history of programs that continue to serve teens across Georgia today, being a member of the 1929 Club will ensure the same programs will continue to benefit the state's youth.

As a member of the 1929 Club, a monthly, ongoing contribution of $19.29 will support the efforts of the State YMCA of Georgia.

Becoming a member of the 1929 Club is beneficial. As a member, you will receive recognition in the Annual Chairman's Report. You will also receive quarterly Alumni Newsletters that will inform you of the State YMCA's news. Reconnecting with the State YMCA and other Alumni from your "Y" Club years is also a benefit. Lastly, you will rest confidently that your contribution has made a difference in the lives of Georgia's teens.

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